It's easy to add a YouTube video to your WordPress website.

Method-1: Fast and Easy

Step-1: Get the Share Code from YouTube

This method quickly embeds a YouTube video at a predefined size. If you want the video to be a different size, see method-2 below.

In YouTube, to get the share code, look beneath the video for the Share link.

When you click this you will see several options, again select the "Share Option"
You will then see the share link e.g. "".

Copy this link to your clipboard.


Step-2 Paste the Share Link to your Web page

Now go to your WordPress page or blog post, and paste the link text straight onto your page.

Publish or Update your page.

When you view the page it will now automatically present the Video.

(You can paste the code either in Text or Visual mode)



Method-2: Adjusting Player Size

To embed a video that is a different size, then you will take the same initial steps, but this time use the "Add media" button.


On the next panel, choose insert from URL


Click Insert Into Page

Now in your post you can add a width= to the shortcode to make the video wider. This value is actually setting the maximum width, so we suggest adding width="1000" which will fill the space available



NOTE: Do not use the YouTube "embed" function as this will give you a block of IFRAME code to add to your page and this WILL NOT WORK

e.g. <iframe width="800" height="450" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>