If you have a multi-user Team or Office account then you may add additional Users as permitted by your License.
If you need to add more Users then simply add Users as needed.

Users may be added with the following options which will give access to various features of your account such as managing leads.

Service Level

Service Level defines what services the User has access to.

There are 3 different Service Levels:

  1. Lead Manager - has CRM access to manage leads.
    Additional "admin" type permissions may be given to Lead Managers by setting individual access permissions (see below)
  2. Account Admin - is also a Lead manager but with Account Admin permissions as well as CRM access
  3. Roster Agent (only available for 'Office' accounts) - has ability to manage Profile and view Business Center (if installed) but cannot access the CRM for managing leads
    Leads may be assigned to Roster Agents but they cannot manage them or view them in their LAC account.
    Notifications will be sent so that the lead can be managed by the agent in other ways.
    (Account Admin will be able to see all leads assigned to Roster Agents).

For Office Accounts: Lead Manager vs Roster Agents

Permission Lead Manager Roster Agent
Can have full or selected Account Admin access YES no
Listed in the Roster Widget YES YES
Profile page via the Roster with Photo, Contact, Bio, Listings, Zillow reviews etc YES YES
Registering leads can choose this Agent as the one they are working with YES YES
Can be included in the Round Robin for lead distribution YES no
Receive notifications about leads assigned to them YES YES
Has access to the CRM capabailities to view, interact and work with Lead YES no
Can Setup and Edit Just Listed Property Alerts for Lead YES no
Can view history of lead's searches, propertties viewed etc YES no
Can set up Drip Campaigns and Action Plans and attach to leads YES no



Users can be added as needed. Your next monthly charge will reflect the number of Users at that time.

A User can only be added as a Roster Agent if your account is set as an Office Account.
This type of User allows a large amount of Agent Users to be added to the company Roster (at a low cost.)

Access Permissions

If you are logged in with Account Admin permissions then you will be able to also adjust and set the following additional permissions for each user in your account.

Lead Manager Users may also be given some of these permissions too.

These include:

  • Manage Account Leads: View, Assign, Edit All Account Leads
  • View Admin/Team Reports: View the team dashboard and account level reports
  • Manage Account Campaigns: Create, Edit, Share and Delete Account Campaigns
  • Manage Auto Responders: Add, Edit and Delete Account Auto Responders, Email Templates and Call Lists
  • Access Account Billing: View and update billing information
  • Manage Widgets: Update widget appearance and default behavior
  • Manage Account Users: Add, Edit and Delete Account Users
  • Manage Business Center: Upload, Edit and Delete Documents and Links
  • Create Announcements: Create Business Center Announcements
  • Manage Account Listings: Edit Photos and Marketing Info for Account Listings

User Type

User Type defines how the User can interact with Leads. User Type can be one of

  1. Agent
  2. Loan Officer


In a MULTI-User account, up to 4 Users can be assigned to work on the same lead using Roles.

Click here to learn about User Roles