An Action is what the Zap does after it starts. For example, add a lead to your Buying Buddy account or add a note to an existing Buying Buddy lead.

To use Zapier to do something in Buying Buddy, you need to Make a Zap and choose your lead source app (e.g,. Facebook, or Google Sheet, etc) as the Trigger. Then use the Buying Buddy app as your Action.

Complete the steps below to use Buying Buddy as your Zap Action.

  1. Click Make a Zap. You’ll see “When This Happens” at the top of the screen.
  2. Create the Trigger using the source app for the information you want to add to Buying Buddy. (Facebook, Gmail, Google Sheets, etc.)

For example, if you are adding a new lead to Buying Buddy that is coming from a Facebook ad campaign, you would select the Facebook app.

3. Create the Action ("Do This…") - click the Edit button to the right of this section.

4. Select your Buying Buddy app.
Note You need to use Buying Buddy 1.0.0. (NOT 1.0.1)

If you do not see it listed in Your Apps, you can search for it.

5. Choose your Action Event. Select one of the following:

6. Click Continue.
If you have not used a Buying Buddy Zap before, please see the Getting Started with Zapier support page to set up your Buying Buddy app.

7. Choose Your Buying Buddy Account. This should be pre-filled.

8. Click Continue.

9. Compete the fields shown for the Action you selected.

Click the icon on the right side of the field to see the data that you are importing from your source and match it with the Buying Buddy field.

10. Click Continue after your fields are set

11. TEST your Zap.

If everything imports as you expected, continue to add more actions or Save your Zap if you are done.

If things did not import as you expected, adjust your fields and re-test.

12. Name your Zap and turn it on.
Nice! You are all done.

An Example

Below is an example of using Buying Buddy as an Action to create a new lead from a Facebook ad.

Here’s the action:

Choosing the account…

Matching the data from Facebook to your Buying Buddy fields.
Click the Insert a Field button on the right of the field to see what data is available from your source.

It is possible to import a lot of different pieces of information about a lead. If you scroll down you will see all the currently available fields.

Some of the fields will allow you to control what happens to the lead - specify the initial drip-action plan, send a welcome email, etc.

Other Actions

The example above explained how to Create a Lead. You can also create a similar Zap, but with different Actions:

  • Import an Email to the History for an existing lead. This could be helpful, for example, if a leads send emails to your personal Gmail account. You could create a Zap that checks your Gmail account for emails and then takes the body of the email and adds it to a Lead’s history in your Buying Buddy account. This would show up as an "email received from the lead" in the Lead's History panel.
  • Add a NOTE to an existing lead. Using Zapier you can take information from any source supported by Zapier and send that to your Buying Buddy account as a NOTE for an existing lead.

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