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The complete Changelog history over 18 months old is available in your Leads and Contacts account.

New Feature
Bug Fix

Dec 22, 2020

NEW banner timeframe changed

The NEW banner will now display on properties listed within the last 7 days rather than 14.

Dec 08, 2020

New field - BOAT SERVICES - now available in Palm Beaches

New field - BOAT SERVICES - now available in Palm Beaches MLS. Field is located on Features tab with variety of boat-related options.

Dashboard Stats for Recent Lead Acticity

Recent Lead Activity data on the dashboard, and the 'Recent Lead Activity Report' have both been updated to improve data accuracy and show consistent results.

Aug 25, 2020

Changes to the Featured Listings Settings

Featured Listings Settings now allows agents to have their "Featured Listings" include both active and under-contract status.

Jul 20, 2020

Display sold listings for both sides of the transaction

Specifying 'agent_id' in a filter for SOLD properties will now display all sold properties where the 'agent_id' matches either side of the transaction.

Jul 12, 2020

Duda plugin updated

There is a new version of the plugin to provide enhanced support to Duda. Duda users should re-install the updated plugin code. See the updated support article.

Jun 18, 2020

New filter option for showing sold by date range

There is a new filter option to allow the display of sold listings within a date range. See the support article

Jun 02, 2020

WordPress Plugin now supports Yoast v. 14

The Buying Buddy WordPress plugin was updated to support the changes in Yoast v.14. This new plugin ensures the og meta tags remain intact for good SEO.

May 01, 2020

Pike Peak (PPAR) MLS now includes sold data.

PPAR data feed now includes sold data (we now have data for the last 12 months). Sold data also includes Buyers Agent ID so you can display listings using the 'seller_id' field. See How to display sold listings.

Widget Wizard now adds sold by date as sort for sold listings

This helpful new feature ensures that filters created for 'sold' properties will have the sort by Sold Date included.

Apr 30, 2020

Set the Map Type to be 'satellite'

There is a new filter option to allow the choice of Google Map view to be shown when the InteractiveMap widget loads. The default is roadmap, but this can now be changed to satellite etc if needed. See support article.

Apr 18, 2020

My Listings - custom description field enhanced.

The custom description field for your own properties has been enhanced and will now support much long descriptions. See the support artcile.

Apr 15, 2020

Expanded rental support on FRMLS (Florida)

Support for rental properties on FLRMS (Florida) has been expanded to include Furnished, Lease Terms, Long Term Lease, Weeks Available, Months Available, and Lease Amount Frequency. This additional support will allow you to refine property searches on available rentals.

Apr 07, 2020

Added support for Security on Palm Beaches (FL) MLS

New Security field on Palm Beaches (FL) MLS. This field allows you to search for features like gated community, doorman, fence, and more, and can be found on the Other tab of any search form.

Mar 31, 2020

Lead Import by email method has changed email address

With immediate effect the TO email address for sending structured emails to the lead import system, has changed. If you use this method, you need to change the TO address. See support article for details.

Mar 01, 2020

Open House for ReColorado

The time of day for Open House has been corrected.

Feb 19, 2020

Open House Start / End Times Corrected

Open House data now displays the times in the correct time zone. Many MLSs recently changed their time format causing the wrong time to be displayed on open houses with a start and end time. This fix adjusts that to display accurate local start/end time.

Feb 12, 2020

Improved multi-user LAC performance

On multi-user accounts, we changed the 'list of users' panel and removed the lead count columns. These are now available in the Team Dashboard for Account Admins. This improves LAC performance.

Feb 03, 2020

Property Alerts for rentals - issue resolved

Property Alerts for rentals (where supported) had an issue that is now fixed.



The complete Changelog history over 18 months old is available in your Leads and Contacts account.