The Property Details widget must be placed on a "details" page in your website as part of the foundation page setup.

A Property Details page is still used even though most user interaction with the website will show property details in an overlay.
The MBB system understands when a real person is viewing property details and show the overlay rather than navigating to the actual page.
This method is considerably faster and speeds up presentation of listing data and also helps ensure that when the user returns to the prior view, their relative position in a list  of results is maintained.

For more information on the overlay, see Property Details Overlay Method.

This widget is mobile responsive and will expand to fill any container / space made available in your website page design.

Minimum width: Designed for mobile

Maximum width: Unlimited


  • id='MBBv3_SearchDetails' (required)
    This defines the widget to be a Property Details Widget


<div id="MBBv3_SearchDetails"></div>

If you are using the WordPress MBB Plugin, then the short code is like this:
[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_SearchDetails"]

Similar Properties

At the bottom of the details display there is a row of 'similar' properties.
These are defined as properties matching the following criteria from the currently viewed property:

  • Same zip
  • Same city
  • Same property type
  • Price + or - $25,000
  • Same bedrooms minus 1
  • Same bathrooms minus 1

Property No Longer Available

Because the "property details" page is a single page with the "details" widget on it, the page always exists. So even if a property is de-listed or totally removed from our database, the page will simply present a message that the property no longer exists.
This also means we avoid any problems with 404 (missing pages) error messages etc.


Below is a visual example of a search sequence on your website:

  • A Search will go to your "results" page and show results using the Results Widget.
  • Clicking on "View Details" for a property will go to your "details" page and show property details using the Property Details Widget.