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Listing Data Not Updating

Be aware that caching systems that cache your website content will also cache content from Buying Buddy widgets, which means the latest listing details may not be shown.

This is typically caused by WordPress caching plugins - and ANY caching system for ANY website.

This can impact at least all the following:

  • Photos not updating for your listing
  • Open House times and dates not accurate
  • Price inaccurate
  • Property status inaccurate (e.g. it sold but still shows active)

This will also impair the ability for search engines to see the latest listings and will therefore impact the indexing of listing pages for SEO.

For example a featured listing page may continue to show listings as Active when they are not, open house properties may be inaccurate, or photos may not update, and so on.

Suggested Solutions

Change your cache time frame to 24 hours (this usually resolves most issues)
Update settings for your caching plugin to exclude all pages that have Buying Buddy Widgets on them

Is there a My Buying Buddy / LAC guide I can Download?

Download the MBB / LAC Getting Started Guide.

Welcome to My Buying Buddy

How do I recover my Password?

Go to the main login page at www.LeadsAndContacts.com and click the 'Forgot Password' link.
You will then enter your email address, and the system will send you an email to reset your password.

Tested Website CMS Systems

The following list shows CMS systems where the MBB Plugin and Widgets have been tested

WordPress Fully supported with our own MBB WordPress Plugin
WordPress.com (free sites) Not supported as plugins are not allowed
Weebly Fully supported using the MBB JavaScript Plugin for any website
Wix Does not work (IFRAME issue)
Godaddy Website Builder system Does not work
Superlative Fully supported using the MBB JavaScript Plugin for any website
HTML / PHP / Ruby / Joomla etc Fully supported using the MBB JavaScript Plugin for any website
iPage Website Builder Does not work (IFRAME issue)

Blue Fire Group Hosted Websites

How do I set up my website DNS?

See this article for full instructions: How to Set up DNS

If in doubt about changing DNS, seek our advice and we'll be happy to help.

If you are a new client and need to set DNS,

Only create an A-Record pointing IP:


NOTE - for OLDER sites (created pre-2013)

Adjust your DNS as follows:

ns3.bfgdns.com and ns4.bfgdns.com

If you need to set an A-Record, set the IP to be:

Is there a Website User Guide I can download?

Download this guide to help you get started with your new WordPress website.

Welcome to Your New Website