The MBB plugin can create SEO friendly content for the following two environments:

  1. WordPress using our WordPress plugin (any theme)
  2. PHP using our PHP api

The 2 display widgets (Featured List and Featured Gallery) will generate content and links that can be followed by the search engines.

This means that search engines will be able to discover and index individual listing pages on your website.

NOTE: Currently the Results widget loads results as the page loads and so does generate content that is visible to the search engines

Suggested Strategy

To maximize the opportunity for search engines to discover content we suggest the following:

  1. Create multiple pages which present listings using the Featured List and/or Featured Gallery Widgets
    For example, you might have multiple neighborhood or city pages.
    You may show multiple widgets on a page.
  2. Use a filter option in the widgets to sort to show the most recent properties first
    This ensures that the search engined will always see the latest properties.
    You can show as many properties as you like on a widget (subject to MLS rules) but the more you show, the slower the page will be to load.
  3. Make your pages usable for people too!
    Add images, additional text and content that is rich in the keywords for that page around and between widgets on a page.
    Search engines will appreciate this and this will help your pages rank.