To use the Buying Buddy Zapier app, you will need to add the Buying Buddy app to your Zapier account and authorize it with your Import API key as follows:

1. Create a Zapier Account

Create your account on Zapier.
Zapier has a free basic plan and more advanced and paid options - see Zapier Pricing.

2. Request the Buying Buddy App

The Buying Buddy Zapier App is currently invitation only.
Once you are logged in to your Zapier account, click this link to view and accept the invitation to use the new Buying Buddy App:

3. Connect Your Buying Buddy Account

Once you start to create a Zap you will be asked to connect your Buying Buddy account to your Zapier account.
This is done with your Buying Buddy Import-API Key.
To find this:

  • Navigate to: CRM Settings > Lead Import Settings
  • Scroll down the page to find your Import-API Key
    and use the 'copy to clipboard' button to copy to your code to the clipboard.

You should only need to connect once, but this step can be repeated if needed in the future.

4. Create a New Zap

  • Inside your Zapier Account, click "Make a Zap"
  • Select your Zap Trigger and your Zap Actions.
  • Test and Save your Zap.

Buying Buddy as a Trigger or Action

See the next articles for using Buying Buddy as a Trigger or Action

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