The following methods will help you remove all lead capture capabilities from the MBB widgets. This means all advanced property-search service options will be removed.

For example, Save Search, Save Property, Schedule a Showing, Send to Friend - and more.

1. Turn Off LAC Lead Capture Settings

The first thing to do is adjust your Account settings so that all 'forced' lead capture setting options are removed.

2. Remove the My Account / Login Widget

This is typically deployed in sidebar areas:

3. Remove the "Hello - Register - Login" Quick Widget

This widget creates a simple text link for login or register.

4. Remove the "My Account" bar that is shown along with other widgets.

By default, the following widgets show the "My Account" bar.

- Search (above the search form)
- Results (above the search form)
- Map (below the map)
- Broker (above the Agent Profile panel)

This can be removed in all cases by applying the following filter to each widget.

  • filter="login-panel:false"

5. Remove Other miscellaneous Lead Capture Options with CSS

There are several other lead capture methods remaining that can be removed using CSS in your website code:

    • Hide the "Save Search and Get Alerts" button, shown at the top of the Results widget:
    • Remove the top Get Information form and the collection of call-to-action forms in the bottom of the Property Details widget
    • Hide the Save Property button for all properties on all Widgets:
    • Hide the CONTACT ME buttons on the Roster Widget

Copy and paste this to your site.

<style type="text/css">

.bfg-capture-wrap, /* Remove "Save Search and Get Alerts" button on Results widget */
.bfg-btn.results-save-listing,     /* Remove "SAVE" button on Results widget */
.bfg-details-save-listing,       /* Remove "SAVE" heart icon on Details widget */
.bfg-property-details-wrap form#RequestInfoForm, /* Remove "Get More Information" top-form on Property Details */
.bfg-btn.bfg-list-save,            /* Remove "SAVE" button on List Display widget */
.bfg-btn.bfg-gallery-save,           /* Remove "SAVE" button on Gallery Display widget */
.bfg-btn.bfg-carousel-save,          /* Remove "SAVE" button on Gallery Display as Carousel widget */
.bfg-btn.bfg-roster-contact-link,   /* Remove "Contact Me" buttons on the Office Roster widget */
.my-account-login-bar,           /* Remove My Account bar on modify-search*/
.bfg-btn.bfg-imap-save {           /* Remove "SAVE" button on Map Display widget */

.bfg-popup-myaccount-top,     /* Hide button top of Property Details */
.bfg-popup-save,              /* Hide button top of Property Details */
.bfg-popup-info,              /* Hide button top of Property Details */
.bfg-popup-friend,            /* Hide button top of Property Details */
.bfg-capture-container {
       /* Hide "Multiform" on bottom of Property Details */