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The Special Custom Lead Capture form allows you to present various offers of help to consumers in your website.

This article relates to Hosted WordPress websites - not MBB.
This feature only applies to WordPress sites hosted by Blue Fire Group.

The Lead Capture forms work as follows:

  1. The consumer fills in the form and clicks the form's SUBMIT FORM button
  2. They are automatically registered as a new lead in your account and immediately logged in (unless their email matches to an existing lead in which case they will be automatically logged in). They will see a welcome page and will also receive a welcome email that relates to this action they have taken, as well as a pop-up welcoming them to their new account.
  3. You will be sent an email alert
  4. You will see the resulting Form Submissions, as a FOLLOW UP item in your lead control center

Uses of Enhanced Custom Lead Capture forms:

The Enhanced Custom Lead Capture Form (LCF) widget is a multi-purpose shortcode that allows the same underlying form to be used in different ways. A single LCF shortcode may be re-used many time, and deployed differently each time. There are 6 different variations of the LCF.

This is the default usage for the shortcode:

[include file="custom-lcf.php"]


There are two parameters that can be used with the form to make it work in different ways and look different:

form (optional)

The form value sets the type of LCF form. If not included in the shortcode, the Dream Home Form will display by default.

There are 7 available form values

  1. cma - shows a typical CMA form which helps sellers tell you about their property for sale
  2. dh - shows the 'dream home' form for helping buyers define their needs
  3. contactme - shows the 'contact me' form for general contact
  4. alerts - allows the consumer to request email property alerts
  5. relocation - shows the 'relocation' form for helping buyers to receive a relocation packet.
  6. shortsale- shows the 'shortsale' form for helping buyers to receive a relocation packet with short sales.
  7. mortgage- shows the 'mortgage' form for helping buyers to receive a mortgage packet.

For example:

[include file="custom-lcf.php" parameters="form=cma"]

color (optional)

The color parameter allows you to change the color scheme for the form to better match the look and feel of your website. If not included in the shortcode, the blue color scheme will display by default.
There are 8 available color schemes - blue, red, black, green, beige, chocolate, khaki, purple

For example:

[include file="custom-lcf.php" parameters="form=cma&color=red"]

Additional parameters for Contact Form (optional)

If you decide to use the Contact Form (form=contactme), you can pass additional parameters of your Name and Phone Number and they will be displayed on the form.

For example:

[include file="custom-lcf.php" parameters="form=contactme&color=beige&name=Charlie Smith&phone=303 346 3037"]


Heres a full example of how the widget might be deployed:

[include file="custom-lcf.php" parameters="form=cma&color=red"]

and here's a page that displays this form

[alert type="info" icon="true" close="no" text="Note: If you find that the sidebar on your website is overlapping the LCF form, go back and edit the page and on the right hand side, set Template to be Full Page. That will ensure the sidebar will not appear on that page."]

If you find that you want to add additional fields to the forms or have them be styled differently then you can choose to create a custom lead capture form containing extra form fields that you want to include in the form. Click here to learn more.