Here's how to add Buying Buddy to your Joomla website using the Buying Buddy Joomla Plugin.

These instructions are designed to get you going. Once you get the JavaScript library installed and the basic pages working please refer to the general help articles for more help and assistance. (updated November 2019).

Step 1a: Download the Buying Buddy Joomla Plugin

First, download the Joomla Plugin ZIP file. Do not unzip!

Download the Buying Buddy Joomla Plugin

Step 1b: Install Plugin

  1. In your Joomla Admin panel, navigate to Extensions > Manage> Install.
  2. Upload the file as shown below:

Step 1c: Enable and Configure the Buying Buddy Plugin

In your Joomla Admin panel, navigate to the Plugins Administration area, and search for the plugin as shown below:

Next, click the plugin name to see the plugin details.

  1. On the settings panel, enter your unique Buying Buddy Account ID (ACID) code and a Google MAP API Key.
  2. ENABLE the plugin
  3. Finally "Save & Close".

Step 2a: Create your plan for pages and widgets

Next, you need to create and identify 2 key pages to be in your Buying Buddy account:

  • Results Page (with the "Results" widget)
  • Property Details Page (with the "Property Details" widget)

Plus, you will also need to add a Search Form widget somewhere too.

Step 2a: Add Pages to your Joomla website

The first thing to do is login to your Joomla account and create 2 extra pages for your site, we suggest you give them appropriate titles, such as "results" and "details".

  1. Create an Article/K2 Item/SP Page Builder page.
  2. Now, create a menu item linked to this item/page, and title it accordingly ("results" or "details").
    You can also choose not to show this menu item in your menu bar by clicking on: "Link Type" tab and turn off "Display in Menu".

Step 2b

You can now add the various display widgets to the two pages you created.

It is recommended that you use the Sourcerer Joomla Extension to paste in the various <div> shortcodes for Widgets into your pages.

Make sure your Joomla! editor is on “Code” mode as shown below:

  • If using JCE Editor, change to code mode:
  • If using Tiny MCE Editor, change to Source Code view:

Be sure that the Sourcerer plugin is enabled.

In the panel, paste the <div> code for the Buying Buddy Widget you want to show:

  1. Results widget on your designated 'results' page:
    <div id="MBBv3_ListingResults"></div>
  2. Property Details widget on your designated 'details' page -
    <div id="MBBv3_SearchDetails"></div>

If you use Sourcerer, then the code you add would actually look like this:

  1. Results widget on your designated 'results' page:
    {source 0}<div id="MBBv3_ListingResults"></div>{/source}
  2. Property Details widget on your designated 'details' page -
    {source 0}<div id="MBBv3_SearchDetails"></div>{/source}

Once you have SAVED your page, you can view the RESULTS page and if all steps are successful you should see the Buying Buddy widget being displayed on the authorized domain.
NOTE: The Property Details widget page is only designed to viewed when used with parameters for viewing a property - so ignore SQL errors if you see them at this stage.

Clear Cache!

To ensure the most current version of the site is being served, it is recommended to delete Joomla’s cache and delete Joomla’s expired cache.
(See Joomla’s Documentation for instructions). In addition to Joomla's cache and expired cache, if you are using any CDN service, you also need to clear cache in the CDN server too.

Troubleshooting Tips

Some of Joomla! Component will by default strip down any raw html, css, JavaScript and php codes. Below you will find some of the most common issues of why the entered codes are not working:

  1. If you are using JCE Editor, please be sure to go to:
    Components-->JCE Editor->Profile-->Default-->Editor Parameters
    and turn on: "Allow Javascript","Allow CSS" and "Allow PHP".
  2. If you are using RSFirewall, please be sure to go to:
    Components-->RSFirewall-->Firewall Configuration-->Active Scanner and turn off: "Enable active scanner in the /administrator section".
  3. If you have default editor set to anything other than "Editor - none" or "Editor - CodeMirror" in the Global Configuration, change the editor to "Code mode" prior to entering the codes.
  4. If you are using "SP Page Builder", please be sure to use "Raw HTML" instead of "Text Block" to enter the codes.

"SQL Error" on Details Page

If you see this message then this is because you are attempting to view the Property Details widget on a page on its own without a reference to a property! Ignore this, the widget is installed correctly and this error is never seen.

"Sorry this domain is not authorized"

If you see a message that says "Sorry this domain is not authorized", then this means that the Widgets and Plugin JavaScript are indeed working correctly, BUT that your page address is a domain that is not authorized to display Buying Buddy Widgets.

There are two options for dealing with this:

  1. Make sure your actual domain name is applied and working - and then view the "live" site in which case widgets will be displayed correctly. You can then choose to ignore this message while in development.
  2. If you need to do more extensive development then you can request (via Help Desk) to add your development domain as an extra (free) "authorized" domain on your account.
    We call this a 'sandbox' development URL and it would be authorized temporarily while you do development.

Step 3: Doing More

You may now add more Buying Buddy widgets and create custom search forms etc.

You can now use Widget Themes to style widgets - or even add custom CSS too if you wish to.

If you need more help please contact us.