Using WordPress? If you are using WordPress, go to Installing the MBB WordPress plugin

For general HTML websites (i.e. NOT WordPress), you should add the Buying Buddy plugin <script> to every page where you intend to use any MBB widgets.

This line of code is best placed between the <head> and </head> tags and after any other JavaScript <script> tags.
However, if you cannot place the <script> tag in the <head> section of your site, you can alternatively embed it in the actual page where it is needed.

Scroll down this page to see detailed instructions!

Additional specific instructions for some Website systems are provided in the following pages for

VIDEO: Watch How To Install

To Locate your Plugin Code

1. Make sure you include your unique Account ID (ACID) in this line of code where it says 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID'.
2. You will also need a valid Google Maps API key.
  1. Navigate to: Websites & Widgets /Setup and Install
    Then click the "Plugin Installation" button to view the installation instructions.
  2. Select the appropriate website. For a general (non-WordPress) website you will be shown the JavaScript that is your Buying Buddy Plugin.
  3. COPY and use the plugin code as directed for your website.

The Plugin Install instructions provides the appropriate Buying Buddy Plugin code. All you need to do is copy and use this code.