If you need to add a property and you don't have WordPress admin access, you should contact the owner of the website who can provide you with the necessary access.

This article relates to Hosted WordPress websites - not MBB.
This feature only applies to WordPress sites hosted by Blue Fire Group.

The process of adding a Commercial or Rental Property is quite straightforward and almost identical to adding a Page or Blog Post.

  1. In your WordPress Admin Area, go to Properties --> Add New
  2. Enter the Title for the Property (usually the Full Address for the property works well for SEO)
  3. In the Description Editor, click on the 'Add an Image' icon above the editor and upload all photos for the property. Multiple photos will be displayed as a slideshow. Add a description for the Property after the Image has been inserted
  4. Ignore the Falls Under field and for Type of Property choose Commercial or Rental. Its important to also select Type as that could be Townhouse, Retail etc.
  5. For most of the fields after that, there is a link on the right for Show common values, there you can select previously entered fields allowing you to quickly fill in the form for a property.
  6. Its important to enter the Address in this format - 1000 Broadway, Denver, CO 80302, USA. Then the system can geocode the property and display it on a Google Map
  7. Price should not contain $ or any commas
  8. When form has been filled out, just click on Publish in the top right of the edit area and the Property should show up on the live site under the category you selected.

Below is an example of what a property looks like on the live website.

Hiding or Temporarily Removing a Listing

When editing a property, on the right hand side where you would normally Update the details, edit the Status from Published to be Draft.

This can also be done from the main Properties administration screen listing all properties. Click on "Quick Edit" for a property and change the Status from Published to be Draft.