It is possible to add, edit and remove items from the main horizontal Navigation menu that shows on your WordPress website.

This article relates to Hosted WordPress websites - not MBB.
This feature only applies to WordPress sites hosted by Blue Fire Group.

In the WordPress backend, navigate to:

Navigate to: Appearance / Menus

This is where you can modify the items in your "Main Menu".

From the left hand column, you can add any recent pages to your Menu and once added, you can then drag and move that page to be placed wherever you desire in the Navigation Menu. To place it in a submenu under a top level item, just drag and move the menu item slightly to the right to have it be indented. Once you are happy with how the Menu looks, remember to click the button for Save Menu.

We strongly encourage users to only add new pages to be in a submenu under one of the main top level items like Home, Property Search, About, Contact, etc. Otherwise if you do add a page to be a top level item, it may break the design when you view the updated Navigation Menu on your live website.

If you find that the Title of one of your pages is too long to show in the Navigation Menu, you can edit the text of the Navigation Label that displays in the menu (and not the Title of the page itself). Click on the down arrow on the Menu item and from there modify the Navigation Label. If you wish to remove an item from the menu, you would also click the down arrow and click on Remove.

Adding Custom Links to a Menu

You may want to add a Navigation Menu item that links to a page on another website. First you would copy the link to this page (e.g.

Then on the left hand column under Custom Links you would paste this link into the URL field and then add a Label like "Google Website".

Additional Custom Navigation Menus

It is possible to add Custom Navigation Menus and then have those menus appear on your website sidebar or inline on specific pages on your website. Custom Menus are helpful for navigating all pages in a subsection on your site.

  1. Click on the + tab to the right of the "Main Menu" tab to create a new menu and give it a Title
  2. Add Menu items from the left hand column
  3. Save the Menu
  4. To embed the custom menu on a page on your website, you would use this shortcode
  5. To add the custom menu to your Website Sidebar, visit the Widgets section (Appearance --> Widgets).
    Drag the Custom Menu to either your Homepage Sidebar or Page Sidebar and then select the Custom Menu from the dropdown list.