Every listing has its own page - and this is why you must create a 'property details' page and add the 'property details' widget code on that page. However, loading a new page each time to view details of a property is slow, and a visitor can also easily lose their place in any paginated results.

Buying Buddy avoids these issues and gives users a far better experience by using an advanced 'overlay' method to show property details from the Widgets.
(This method is not used when using links from emails - these links go to the actual property details page.)

How It Works

When a property is viewed using the 'View' button, the details will be displayed in a panel that 'overlays' the current page. This approach uses the very latest techniques to provide the fastest response time to your site visitors.

The advantages of this method include:

  • Instant loading of property details (new page loads are avoided)
  • The Visitor does not lose their place in a set of results or on the underlying page.

When the overlay is presented, the following occur:

  • The page web-address (URL) is modified in the browser to be the actual property details page (this page does exist!)
    (The web page address shown is exactly the same address as if you had gone directly to the property page.)
  • Normal navigation experiences are maintained - the Visitor may use the browser back-arrow, 'Esc' or 'Close' button on the widget to close the overlay and return to their original page.
  • A link to the property page (URL) is displayed on the details page for reference.

When the Visitor closes the overlay, they are returned to the exact same place on the original page, which typically does not occur when viewing a result using methods that load the detail on a new page.

See the image below that highlights these features.

Search Engine Considerations

For WordPress and PHP (using the PHP class) the Buying Buddy system understands when a real person is viewing property details and will show the overlay rather than navigating to the actual page.

Search engines do not see the overlay, the links in the View button will navigate to the actual details page.


  • Site visitors clicking 'View' will see property details presented in the overlay. The Visitor will still see the browser URL reflecting the actual property details page.
  • Links from emails (property alerts etc) or any non-widget links to a property (Facebook etc) will link directly to the specific property details page
  • For WordPress and PHP sites, search engines will follow links to the specific details page and will not see the overlay.