Here is some Help and How-To guides for your WordPress Website.

This article relates to Hosted WordPress websites - not MBB.
This feature only applies to WordPress sites hosted by Blue Fire Group.

The login to your WordPress admin is always at /wp-admin
For example:

Our #1 TIP!

To ensure your blogsite pages and posts look professional... we always recommend that if you want to paste in content from a document or other website, that you always use the Paste Plain Text or Paste from Word options in the EDIT tool bar for your past or blog. This will automatically remove all special formatting from other sources and keep your pages looking great!

Can't See those icons?? If you cannot see the second row, then click the last icon on the top row (show/hide the kitchen sink) that toggles display of the second row of icons.

Tutorial Movies to Get you Started:

Please note that these movies are general training movies for WordPress and not all the features shown may exist in your WordPress installation.

  1. How to Write and Publish a Post (2 mins)
  2. Adding Categories and Tags to your Posts (2 mins)
  3. Adding Photos / Media to your Blog Post (please note only photos are currently supported) (2 mins)
  4. Import your WordPress Blog into Facebook.
    Please note: TheĀ  web address for your FEED is formatted like this http://www.{YOUR-DOMAIN}/feed.
    For example: - try it!
  5. How to Add and Edit a Static Page (please note: contact us to add to menus) (2 mins)
  6. How to Change your Header Graphic

More HELP items

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