A filter may be applied to the Results Widget, which essentially sets the 'starting point' or initial view of properties.
As this is the Results widget, the 'modify' option and criteria are shown, so a User will be able to modify (or remove) any criteria.
The filter will always be re-applied when the page loads or reloads.

Do not use your designated "search results" web page as a "display widget".
It's important that you keep the Results widget on your designated "results" page WITHOUT any filter. Create new pages and add the Results widget to these new pages if you want to use it as a Display Widget.
Not suitable for SEO.
The Results widget does not generate indexable listings results. This is because the Results widget executes any specified "search" in JavaScript after the page has loaded and so search engines will not see the content. For SEO benefits (with WordPress or PHP) use the "Featured List" or "Featured Gallery" widgets.
Only one instance per page.
The Results widget can only be used ONCE on a page.

A Filter can be applied to specify the initial properties to be shown when the widget first loads on a page.

See the Results widget reference page for more details of Variants, Dimensions and Parameters


A filter can be applied to specify the search result, as follows:

    • filter= (optional)
      Specify the Search Filter. Using a Filter with the widget is optional, but allows you to completely specify the types of properties you want to display using any available MLS criteria. (e.g. Foreclosures in Arvada, Listings between 300,000 to 400,000 in Denver, etc.)

See Search Filters and How to Use Search Filters for more help on these parameters.


The Results widget can be displayed using the following widget code:

Widget code with inline filter applied:

<div id="MBBv3_ListingResults" filter="city:denver+price_min:200000"></div>

Or if you are using WordPress:

[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_ListingResults" filter="city:denver+price_min:200000"]