The best approach for successful SEO is to start off by keeping things simple. There are many things you can do if you have lots of time on your hands, but for most of us we just want to know what the really important things are to check each time we create a new page or blog.

This article relates to Hosted WordPress websites - not MBB.
This feature only applies to WordPress sites hosted by Blue Fire Group.

You will find all the following sections on a the EDIT page.

Page Title

When you first create a new page or blog - the very first field you fill in up top is the Page Title. This is worth getting right.

Make the title relevant and think about keywords as you write it.

Think about the keywords that might be used in searches that would end up showing your page. Also think about how to make your page specific not too general.

For example, if your article is about mountain homes, then one thing you need to do is qualify which mountains? Is it all mountains? Or just the Denver foothills?

When you publish your page, this Title will be used to create the actual page name and the TITLE tag.


Categorizing your pages and Posts is a great way to help search engines and people find your content.

I suggest sitting down and creating a plan for your categories. What are the main categories and sub-categories?

This will help you too, to remind you to write content that is oriented to your target markets.


Whilst Tags help people find content , these are not going dramatically affect your SEO. Add no more than 3 or 4 distinct relevant tags.

SEO Plugin

The SEO plugin options will be shown lower down on the page.

This feature allows you to OVER RIDE the defaults that are created, so don't worry if these fields are blank.

However, this plugin does allow you to create specialized content for your page TAGS for SEO.


The Excerpt will be used in many places. Where ever there is a summary of blogs or pages shown on your website, if there is an Excerpt then it will be used. It is also used for the default META DESCRIPTION tag if one is not already present.

If you do not create an Excerpt, then the META DESCRIPTION will be taken from the first paragraph of text on the page.


Additional SEO Tips

The great thing about WordPress is that its the worlds most popular platform for creating websites! So there is plenty of help available out there on the web.

Here are some links to third party sites on the topics of SEO.

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