Your Express Site is a feature of your Office or Team website and provides a functional website on your own sub-domain.
This subdomain is created using the main Office Website, e.g.
You may change this at any time!
You now also have full access to all the lead management capability in your current Leads and Contacts account.


  • Your Express Site is a website with many features to support you and your clients
    • Configurable home page panel
  • CRM Lead Management system to help you incubate and work with leads
Your Express site is accessible via a subdomain web address. Due to MLS rules you must ensure that the website always presents listings using this subdomain.
You may forward a personal domain to the subdomain web address, but you must not use "frame forwarding" to replace the sub domain with your personal domain.

Website Features

Your Express Site gives your clients and leads full access to MLS Searches, the ability to create Property Alerts, Save Properties, and more.

At least all the following features are included:

  • Your own website focused on you
  • Customizable home page panel
  • Home Search Services for Clients & Prospects
  • All search results and properties personalized to You
  • Interactive Map Search tools
  • Feature YOUR active and sold listings
  • Capture Leads

NOTE: Your Express Site is designed to be simple and easy to use with no maintenance required!
The only changes you can make are to the Home Page Panel and the subdomain name.
If you require more capability such as the ability to add more pages, blog or make your site SEO friendly, then contact us,.

Accessing Express Site Options

Once your site is created, you will be be able to review the following settings which are all accessible via your Leads and Contacts Account.

So, first, login to your account at

If you have forgotten your password use the link on that page to recover it.

Once you are logged in click your name at the top of the left blue menu, then Navigate to: Preferences


In the Preferences section you will find a multi-tabbed section to access all the settings.

Ensure Your MLS AGENT ID Is Correct

Inside the Preferences area, check your PROFILE tab: Is your MLS AGENT ID correct?
If you need to change this click the "Edit Profile" button to make changes - and Save.

Once your MLS ID is entered, you should see that your listings from the MLS are identified.

To check this, Navigate to: Listings / My MLS Listings
Confirm your listings are being shown.

If you DON'T see your listings within 24 hours then look up one of your ACTIVE listings to see the AGENT ID on the listings that we see - and double check this is the same as the ID in your profile.

To check this, Navigate to: Listings / My MLS Listings
Click the Lookup Listing Button at the top. Search for ACTIVE listings using the MLS#.

Your Active listings will be displayed as your Featured Listings.

Check Your Sub-Domain

Your Express Site subdomain address is usually your name. If you need this to be changed, please contact us.

Featured Listings

The Home page and the Featured Listings page on your Express Site will display listings based on the options you choose!
You should check your options in Featured Listings Settings tab in the main Listings Menu.
Navigate to: Listings, then click the Featured Listings Settings menu item.
In this section you may choose what to present as Featured Listings.
These will be shown on the 'Featured Listings' page and also usually on the home page too.

Add Content to your Home Page Panel

When you look at the home page of your Express Site, as you scroll down, you will see that your profile photo is shown, and next to this there is space.

You may fill this space with your content content. For example, tell buyers what you focus or specialize on.

To do this click your name at the top of the let menu, then Navigate to: Preferences and then click the Express Site tab.
Under the sub-domain section, you will see a panel for adding Home Page Content.

Click "Save Changes" when done!

Using your CRM Lead Management System

Now that you have upgraded your account, you have full access to the tools in the CRM system such as

  • Lead Management and profiling
  • Drip emails
  • Action Plans
  • Set up property alerts for your leads
  • Save properties for your leads
  • and a lot more

To learn about all the features of the CRM, Navigate to: Help & Support (foot of menu).

Here, you should take some time to review the various Bootcamps which are a collection of short videos and articles.

Ideas for Marketing

Here are some suggestions for how to incorporate your new Express SIte in your sales and marketing activities.

Use a custom domain name

Due to MLS IDX rules, you must ensure that properties are shown on your subdomain name (or else you may incur additional fees and charges).

However, you may register your own Custom Domain Name (e.g "") - and "forward" this domain name to your Express Site sub-domain

You should do straight-forward "forwarding". Do not do "frame-forwarding" as this would contravene MLS rules.

Now, you can add your own custom domain name to your business cards and literature.

You can also now use your custom domain name on your social profiles too

If you need a domain name, we strongly recommend registering at GoDaddy as they offer excellent service.

Create Quick Search Links for Marketing

It's easy to create "custom search link" and send buyers directly to your website and immediately see the properties you want them to see

For example, if you want to post a link in Facebook and say "See all the recently listed homes in XXX neighborhood" - or in fact use ANY mls criteria.

See this article for a full explanation of how to use and create custom search links  - its easy!!

Need Help?

To get HELP -  Navigate to: Help & Support (bottom of the left menu).
Click the BIG RED help button and please submit a ticket.

To help us to help you, please be as specific as possible - for example, please tell us the search you are attempting, of the MLS# of the listing you are referring to, ort the name of the lead you are woring with.

We love screenshots!

We hope you enjoy the benefits if your new Express Site!