The concept of blogging has been around for quite some time. What once was a way to simply broadcast your innermost thoughts and opinions has has evolved into one of the best marketing tools available.

The main question that many beginners ask is, "why should I blog in the first place?" Below you will find examples of some great reasons why blogging will boost your online marketing.

1) Blogging showcases your expertise.

As a Real Estate Agent, you know how much competition you have out there when trying to attract new clients. When you look at it from a potential client's point of view, what makes YOU stand out from the rest of the pack? You most likely have a lot of expertise, but how are you conveying that to your target audience? Blogging is the perfect way to showcase your expertise and build your credibility.

2) It will boost your rankings in search engines.

When search engines crawl through your website, there a few different main things they take into consideration when determining where to rank your site in web searches.