In its most basic form, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which you make your site rank higher in search engine results when someone searches for a particular topic or keyword.

The SEO benefits of My Buying Buddy widgets are only available when installed on either WordPress or PHP websites.

It's important to look at SEO as a process, with many different action items all rolled into one. When a search engine like Google or Bing decides which sites should rank higher than others in searches, there are a wide variety of both highly technical and non-technical things they take into consideration.

In order to spare you the headache, we will simply discuss 2 of the main things that you can do yourself without any technical knowledge:


This is perhaps the biggest (and easiest) thing you need to pay attention to when thinking about SEO.

When search engines scour the multitudes of websites on the Internet, they place a bigger importance on those that have fresh, unique, quality content.

There are many ways to grow your site


In addition to looking at sites with great content, search engines will also look at that content for keywords in order to see what the site is about.

Therefore it's very important that your marketing strategy focuses on targeted areas and niches and that you express this in your website.
For example, if you specialize in selling condos in downtown Denver, you'll want to create as much original content as you can around some combination of the keywords "Denver" and "Condos". You'll want these keyword combinations to be present throughout your content.

Be careful though... Search engines have become wise to the practice of "keyword stuffing", where you simply insert as many keywords in there as possible to the point where the content doesn't read naturally.

Determining your focus keywords and developing quality content around these keywords will be highly important for your successful SEO strategy.