Here is a list of all the training movies we have to help you use your WordPress site.

This article relates to WordPress not MBB.
This feature only applies to WordPress sites hosted by Blue Fire Group.

Your Blue Fire Group WordPress Website

BFB 201 - Introduction to your Blogsite ADMIN area

BFB 202 - Create and EDIT a BLOG Post / Article

BFB 203 - Create and EDIT a PAGE on your Blogsite

BFB 204 - Upload and Present Images / Media in your Blogsite

BFB 205 - Add widgets with filters to your webpage

Additional WordPress Movies

These are third-party movie tutorials. They are included here as an extra helpful resource for you. Please note that they provide general instruction and education on the WordPress system and the Blue Fire wordpress system may be slightly different!

  1. How to Write and Publish a Post (2 mins)
  2. Adding Categories and Tags to your Posts (2 mins)
  3. Adding Photos / Media to your Blog Post (please note only photos are currently supported) (2 mins)
  4. Import your WordPress Blog into facebook
  5. How to Add and Edit a Static Page (please note: contact us to add to menus) (2 mins)