The WordPress Buying Buddy Plugin can help your SEO initiatives.

To utilize these capabilities on your WordPress site, ensure the "Indexable Listings" feature is enabled on your account in Websites & Settings > Website Settings.

The following SEO features are then enabled:

  1. Indexable Listings: The display widgets (not results widget) will output HTML code that includes links to listings that can be followed by Search Engines
  2. Long Tail URLs: The structure of the property details page will NOT include a question mark
  3. Details Page Optimization: The Title and Meta Description tags on property details pages will be written to include the property address

Indexable Listings

Search Engines need to discover listings on your website and so relying on 'search results' will not be a successful strategy as search engines will not execute searches!

However, when the Indexable Listings feature is ON, the List Display and Gallery Display widgets will display properties on your WordPress website in a way that does allow search engines to crawl the list of properties and discover property links and information about the property for every property found on the page.
What this means is that if you include Display Widgets on multiple pages in your website, the search engines will discover and index many new pages rapidly.

Long Tail URLs

Property details will be displayed on a uniquely formed URL that can be indexed by Google and other search engines. For example:

Property Details SEO Optimization

The following SEO features are automatically implemented on all property details pages on your WordPress website:

  • The Title tag for the page will include the Property Address and MLS Number
  • The H1 tag will include the Property Address and MLS Number
  • The Canonical Link that WordPress includes by default will be removed for the Property Details page to improve search engine visibility
  • If you are using the "All in One SEO Pack" plugin, the Meta Description tag will include the Property Address and MLS Number. Additionally, the "Canonical URLs" feature for this plugin will also be disabled on just the Property page
Note: We cannot guarantee that all of the above changes will occur on your WordPress website since other SEO plugins and some Themes can override what the Buying Buddy plugin is attempting to set.